Monday, October 19, 2009


Ok, I'm trying to catch up on the Girlfriendsmarket blog and this one too. Hurry, hurry so I can get back to painting the kitchen cabinets. Of course no prep work.
Just drag out the can that looks like the same color I used 2 years ago (but to realize it's not, oh well) Kind of a creamy white. Slapping it on over the finger marks around the green glass knobs (THAT I DIDN'T TAKE OFF).

But, the dog "COSMO" is barking at me like a mad dog. It probably means he needs to go out or wants to play or needs some sort of spoiled dog attention. I have to say,
it's driving me nuts. So out we go and I immediately run into the Girlfriendsmarket
signs that also need another coat of paint.

Theres nothing like the smell of new paint!!!

Cosmo, Hush

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